Website Maintenance

We offer Monthly WordPress Maintenance to clients. Website maintenance is simply the process of monitoring your website for faults regularly and ensuring that everything is fully updated and responsive. You must do this on a regular basis in order to keep the website fresh, secure, and reliable. This increases your SEO and Google rankings while encouraging traffic growth.

Following an effective maintenance schedule guarantees that your site continues to serve as one of your most useful marketing tools. We’ve created a checklist of actions to keep your website up to date and running smoothly for your visitors.

Here’s a comprehensive list of website maintenance tasks that we preform:

1. Website Maintenance Checklist on a Weekly Basis

# Verify for 404 errors and, if any exist, correct them.

# To enhance SEO traffic, publish one or more blogs.

# Check to see that all of the forms are functioning properly.

# Create a blog article to promote in your community.

# Look for any broken links.

#Plugins and software that are vital to the system should be updated.

2. Website Maintenance Checklist on a Monthly Basis

# Perform a security audit.

# Check loading speed and resolve any errors as soon as possible.

# Analyse the most important statistics.

# Ensure that your website is visible in local searches.

# Make changes to the material to make it more relevant.

# Analyse the most and least prevalent content on the website.

Monthly Maintenance Cost: R450.00